Located in the West Jefferson Medical Center, Marrero, LA

Opening Hours : M-TH 8:30AM - 4:30PM; F 8:00AM - Noon
  Contact : 504-349-6633

Foot and Ankle Center New Orleans

The Foot and Ankle Center serves patients in the city of New Orleans, Louisiana, and surrounding parishes including Jefferson, St. Bernard, Orleans, and Plaquemines Parishes. Located in the West Jefferson Medical Center in Marrero, LA, the Foot and Ankle Center offers expert care for you and your family.

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We have access to the most modern, award-winning medical resources and up-to-date facilities available to treat your condition.

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While a great number of conditions can affect your feet and ankles, certain conditions are more common than others.

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Meet the experienced, board certified and physician certified doctors at the Foot and Ankle Center.

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