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Foot Melanomas

Skin cancer can present itself as tumors that grow in the skin. Melanoma is the most serious form of skin cancer and develops in the melanocytes, the cells that produce melanin or pigment that gives skin its color. Melanoma can spread to other parts of the body, so it is imperative that treatment is sought quickly. Such skin cancer can occur on the feet or toenails. Those with fair skin, who are sensitive to sunlight, have a history of severe sunburn before age 18, have pre-existing moles on their feet, have many moles on their bodies, and have a family history of skin cancer are more apt to develop foot melanomas. These melanomas are often overlooked because feet tend to be neglected and people do not examine them on a regular basis. If you have a suspicious mole on your foot that appears to have changed over time, especially if you are in a high-risk group, it is suggested you see a podiatrist as soon as possible to have it checked out.

Foot surgery is sometimes necessary to treat a foot ailment. To learn more, contact one of our podiatrists of the Foot & Ankle Center. Our doctors will assist you with all of your foot and ankle needs.

When Is Surgery Necessary?

Foot and ankle surgery is generally reserved for cases in which less invasive, conservative procedures have failed to alleviate the problem. Some of the cases in which surgery may be necessary include:

  • Removing foot deformities like bunions and bone spurs
  • Severe arthritis that has caused bone issues
  • Cosmetic reconstruction

What Types of Surgery Are There?

The type of surgery you receive will depend on the nature of the problem you have. Some of the possible surgeries include:

  • Bunionectomy for painful bunions
  • Surgical fusion for realignment of bones
  • Neuropathy decompression surgery to treat nerve damage

Benefits of Surgery

Although surgery is usually a last resort, it can provide more complete pain relief compared to non-surgical methods and may allow you to finally resume full activity.

Surgical techniques have also become increasingly sophisticated. Techniques like endoscopic surgery allow for smaller incisions and faster recovery times.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact our office located in Marrero, LA . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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